University of Maryland
Cytokine Core Lab
655 West Baltimore Street
Bressler Research Bldg
7th Floor, Room 07-010, Bay F
Baltimore, MD 21201

All sample drop offs and shipments must now be prescheduled. Please
contact us before dropping off or shipping samples in order to arrange a
time and day.

The University of Maryland, Cytokine Core Laboratory offers a large selection of cytokine and growth factor assays, for both ELISA and Multiplex systems. Our goal is to serve our clients with high quality data at a low cost. We have the ability to work with Investigators from not only on campus sites, but from around the world. Please feel free to contact us with questions and requests if you do not see an assay you are interested in.

Quality Data. Low Cost


Collaborations are possible for work related to the research interests of the Hasday laboratory. To discuss further, email Dr. Hasday.

Research Interests of the Hasday Lab Laboratory:

  • Regulation of cytokine genes at transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels
  • Innate immunity, including sepsis and the influence of fever
  • Airway inflammation and lung injury
  • Fever, heat shock, and stress responses